Upgrade your practice

Enhance your visualisaiton and creative technology skills with 1-on-1 instruction in D3.js and JavaScript.

D3 stands for 'Data Driven Documents'. It's one of the most powerful JavaScript libraries to control graphical elements on the web. Likely, you already know this. You may have tried out a few tutorials, or long been on a path with d3, but have become overwhelmed with the resources available. There's great content, but no guidance...

Whether you're a newbie or well on your journey to d3 mastery, tutoring can offer an opportunity to level-up your technical skills, giving you the ability to create stand-out visuals online.  

Book an info session to get started.  

Who is this for?

For practising or aspiring...

  • Data scientists
  • Front-end developers
  • Data analysts
  • Creative technologists
  • Data journalists
  • Information designers

...and/or anyone looking for a high precision instrument to master visual output on the web. D3.js is a library that offers a high-degree of customisation and flexibility.

Unfortunately, the library is notorious for its steep learning curve. We can crush this by focusing on a few core principles, returning to JavaScript basics, and moving towards a personal project or goal we define at the beginning of the engagement.

The tutoring service is designed to upgrade proficiency in D3.js, as well as the web standards and technology the library is based on. Tutoring engagements are suited to your needs, to help overcome barriers and accelerate learning in ways that aren't offered by video or content-driven courses.

What can I build with it?

If you've not tried D3.js yet, it's lightweight, fully supports web standards, and works well with large datasets. D3.js isn't just about charts, you can build:

  • Generative art
  • Interactive visualisations
  • Data dashboards
  • Custom UI controls
  • Visual stories

About the instructor

profile of me in front of a fake moon "I'm Rory, a trainer and technology consultant with 11+ years experience working with start-ups, universities, non-profits, and public sector organisations to move their ideas from conception to production. As much as I enjoy experimenting with technology and making ideas come alive, I love to help others do the same. This is what's lead me down the path towards instruction."

Who is this not for?

If you're already technically very able, and want to know how to make data-visualisations, then you'll likely benefit from learning more about data or information design.  

If you're not as technically able, that's okay, but working with D3.js means getting your hands dirty with code. Put another way, we're cooking from scratch - very little is oven ready.

Are there any prerequisites?

None. However, it's expected you've done at least some basics of web-development with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If you've never written any of those, we'll need to start with those before getting to the D3 part.

Any engagement will start off by getting to know you, your goals, and your current skills.

Sounds good, how can I get started...?

Book an info session to get started.  This is just an introductory chat so we can check tutoring is right for you!