An introduction to Creating with Data

Over the past few years, I've particularly enjoyed teaching coding and tech skills. This has been the case whether I've been teaching established developers a new framework, or helping newbies log that first 'hello world'. Regardless of how I spend most of my working days, I know I'll continue to do so in some capacity.

It's been particularly good fun to see how people from non-technical backgrounds direct their new skills, especially when it comes to self-initiated projects or goals. I always encourage learners to take on their own pet project, as this is one of the most motivating and creative ways to learn.

On a personal level, side-projects and satisfying curiosity has helped me learn the most. No-risk side-projects provide an unparalleled basis for  creative expression and learning. Overcoming barriers to realise an idea provide that motivation to dig deep into the depths of dense documentation, or master the idiosyncrasies of a new development framework. Like instruction, I know I'll continue to indulge like this for some time to come.

Creating with Data is an attempt to bring these elements together. To transform messing around with datasets, technology, and ideas into a useful resource for others.

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